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     Here at World Tech Force we specialize in providing IT services for business and also computer repair services for individuals. World Tech Force began in late 2008 with the intention of providing support to people and companies by offering affordable pricing and quality repairs. We have always strived to make sure that every customer felt satified with our services no matter what the issue was. Our goal is to keep you happy and for you to remember us for all of your future technology matters.

                               (The history of the owner)

     In the very beginning, Joshua Kleier (the owner) started out as a kid with an (ancient) 386 desktop computer that he used to learn many of the essential computer skills he still uses to this day. He upgraded it until it could do (almost) anything that a (lucky) friend's 486 PC could do at that time. In 7th grade he went to his small town's high school on a Saturday afternoon where he networked a brand new computer lab together for the school district using ethernet and Windows 95 as an operating system.

     After some school he took a job as a technician where he would build, test and deploy around 30 computers a day on average. He then took jobs in desktop support on his way to become a system's administrator for bigger companies. One of the best things he ever did was to begin working for himself in 2008. Since then he's met many wonderful customers and has been regarded as one of the best IT guys and computer repair technicians in Dallas-Ft. Worth, as well as the world. 


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